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I have been working with cub on and off for the last few years. They then approached me to help with their new logo and branding guide.


Over the last few years, the design output from cub has been good but it lacked the consistency of application to digital and print collateral.


The project involved working with the M.D to help her solidify her strategy and branding. The aim was to make it succinct and fluid in order to work on digital and print collateral. 

I produced a simple grid structure that could be used on the packaging, internal communications and external design collateral. This made the cub feel like the global player that it is. The simplicity of execution, the typography and the overall tone made this a very easy to use & flexible design system. This culminated in a 36pp branding toolkit that structured how each design output was to look and feel.
















“Tom was absolutely integral in helping cub understand the process and the value behind us making sure that our branding was consistent throughout all of our materials. Once it was pointed out to us, it made us realise that not having consistency was damaging our brand - Thank you Tom”
Cass McNamara – CEO of Cub
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