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Getting to grips with a giftware company that had problems with intellectual property.

Tartan Tweeds' previous logo and branding - produced by another design company - broke IP laws in the United Kingdom. I helped them redress this by creating an identity system that aligned more with their values as a brand. This allowed them to get approval with IPO and eventually get the much needed registered trademark for their logo and branding.

TartanTweedsArtboard 72 copy 4_2x-8.png

I was recommended to the business after they had embarked on a process of trademarking their logo. They then realised that the existing logo wasn't unique enough and well executed enough.


The existing logo had failed the trademark application process and that was a major hurdle in launching the new brand online. The owners did not feel that the existing logo and branding was a reflection of their business and where it needed to be positioned.

I worked with the team to give guidance as to the best possible solution to reflect the business and its ambitions for growth. This allowed for clear definition of the new brand and to rectify existing IP issues associated with the current brand mark.

I worked to produce a solid logo and identity that was simple, modern and had a hint of Scotland without being twee or tacky.

The logo was then developed to become an integral part of the branding and brand identity for this growing giftware company in Scotland.

“Tom is a joy to work with and has a very honest approach to the design process - Tom came highly recommended from a friend of mine after we needed some fresh design thinking for our new logo and branding - Thank you Tom”
Kildeep Singh  – CEO - Tartan Tweeds
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