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Thomson Hunter

Logo design



Web design and build

Project description

I was contacted by this local Ayrshire Architectural practice to help them with their web site and branding. The project brief was simple enough - to make this practice feel like a big hitter and make it a reflection of the multi-million projects that that the practice works on. The existing logo design and web site was extremely dated and the client actually felt embarrassed to show it to potential customers.



Project outcome:

During the initial scoping out phase I recommended that they move away from the old look and feel and focused on a more simple approach to their branding and logo design to reflect something a bit more structural and eye catching. I created a modern monogram device that was used on the business stationery, business cards and web site. The logo was also used as a repeat pattern on their internal signage and external signage. 



The final designs produced we embraced by the client and rolled out on all of the marketing materials, web site and promotional materials.

Customers have also commented on how the logo is much more professional and reflective of the business and the type of work they undertake and the kind of customers they needed to attract.

Overall, the client is extremely happy with the outcome and they now feel confident talking to customers digitally, when they are not always there to do the talking.

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