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Stategically redefining a global brand in a sector with only one major competitor seemed easy enough... 

Cub is a global brand helping birthing mums by making them feel more comfortable during the birth.


Re-crafting this global brand and building consistency in to their brand identity almost felt like an onerous one, but getting to grips with the product and its global market, made the whole process a lot easier to understand.

Screenshot 2021-02-18 at 13.38.56.png

One major hurdle that Cub had with their branding, was the lack of consistency and thoughtfulness throughout the applications of their brand identity. Their logo was used in several different inconsistent ways which was a hurdle to help them managed the branding.


This fundamentally needed redressed urgently and had to be refined to allow it to become more flexible but consistent in use across all of their marketing materials. A new fresher more embracing brand identity was created around the new brand mark that showed the world that Cub was serious about its brand.

“Tom was absolutely integral in helping cub understand the process and the value behind us making sure that our branding was consistent throughout all of our materials. Once it was pointed out to us, it made us realise that not having consistency was damaging our brand - Thank you Tom”
Cass McNamara – CEO of Cub
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