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Working with children with additional support needs can be very rewarding.

This branding strategy naming, logo design and branding project for this Ayrshire based client was an absolute joy to get involved in. I created the new name, logo and brand identity for this new learning centre for kids with additional support needs. I loved working on this branding strategy project.


One of the most important aspects of this project was to make sure that none of the visual touch points and branding, was patronising to any of the service users. This was paramount!


The name, logo and branding had to appeal to service users and stakeholders alike, so it had to feel 'proper'. Far too often, particularly with franchising business models, the branding is a second thought and not designed around business outcomes and objectives.

This was the opposite. I had to make sure that service users were rejected in the visual appeal of the logo in the first instance and the 'O' was reflective of server users with physical disabilities and the 'T' was a reflection of service users with non-physical disabilities and the logo was born.

“Tom instinctively just got me and very quickly was able to understand what the centre had to represent. He was sympathetic to some of the kids’ ideas regarding colours and injected this into his designs. It really brought it home that my idea was coming to life in such a vibrant and non-patronising way - Thank you Tom”
Marianne Greenway – CEO of Ko-nekt
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