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Learning Lab/Moy Park

Hand drawn Illustration

Along came this fabulous client based in the UK, who asked me to do a rather complicated and heavy-duty hand drawn style illustration for one of his clients.


I  was working with Scott on his own company branding for The Learning Lab when he asked me if I could draw stuff. I, of course, said yes...


This project was a little cracker. I was tasked with drawing an illustration to fit on a 4m x 3 m wall to be digitally printed and used to show lean methods at one of Scott's clients.


First I had to find a piece of software that would allow me to draw the darn thing at actual size in a pencil style approach.


I eventually lucked over an app for the iPad Pro and when combined with my trusty iPencil I let loose on the project.


The style that they liked was a cross between hand drawn and a kind of loose watercolour illustration and the ProCreate App was absolutely perfect for that. 


ProCreate also allowed me to construct the illustration in vector format which meant the whole thing could be scaled to any size required.


You can hopefully see from the snippet of detail above that it kinda turned out OK. The main thing was that the client didn't want a predictable 'digital' style illustration and the feedback from Scott's client was that they absolutely loved the final outcome.


Let me know what you think of it.



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