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Working with appreciate group PLC was a gift, and helping them shine in their sector was an absolute ‘JOY’.

Park Group PLC rebranded in 2018 to Appreciate Group and they needed their internal branding to reflect this new change. I worked with a local learning and development practitioner, to help them visually illustrate and define what the brand stood for internally. This enabled their management team to clearly define to their staff and their customers the brands purpose, both internally and externally. 

Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 15.38.03.png

I helped Appreciate Group formulate a visual feast in the form of an illustrated mind map and sub brand identity that was squarely aimed at guiding staff around the new pillars of the brand. This helped them with customer retention, customer enquiries, staff management and retention. I collaborated with a learning and development company called The Learning Lab (Scott Leiper is as mad as a box of frogs, but in the best way possible).
We collaborated together to clearly define and articulate in a cool, engaging and fun way what the brand stood for internally with staff and customers. The characters and map were created to allude to character traits and typical customers, to help staff navigate their way around the new brand externally and internally.

Tom supported Appreciate Group’s people change programme Imagin8 as part of our transformation.  
The creative interpretation was both fresh & exciting and far exceeded our expectations. Tom’s designs helped us to land critical messages about our culture in a fun, simple and engaging way. The visual imagery has embedded not only across our office location and through collateral but within our colleagues day to day. The dynamic illustrations have become the ‘short - hand’ descriptor for the way we do things around here. 


If you get the chance to work with Tom ...grab it.

Gill Taylor – Chief Transformation Officer
& Joy Creator at Appreciate Group PLC
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