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So I’m a branding strategist and designer in Scotland. So what!

What makes me so special? Why should you work with me? What makes me different? Why do my customers use my services? What is my purpose? Hopefully, if you are reading this page then you at least like the creative work I have produced for my clients. So, let's delve a little deeper. 

Brand Strategist Consultant

Transparency is a great thing. I don't have a fancy design office in Glasgow. Or a made-up behind-the-scenes team of graphic designers. It's only me – the focused and passionate strategist and designer. I work from my home office in Prestwick.


I do all my design and strategy work in my home-based studio or Zoom if you prefer. You pay for creativity and ideas, not considerable travel time to and from your office space.


Without the need to commute, I can devote all my time and energy to doing what I do best. That is, creating “outstanding designs” (a client’s words). I can provide a superb selection of local coffee and scones around my boardroom table if you fancy a coffee.

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Brand Strategist Agency

Over the years, I've built strong partnerships with companies across the creative industry. I buy my print from local and national companies, choosing the best printer for you. And of course, at the most competitive price. I use a couple of great web development companies in Ayrshire and Glasgow area. I also outsource other attributes of the creative process if I need to. You won't hear that from anyone else, will you? Oh, and the buck stops with me. I'm only as good as my last project, so I need to make sure that every completed project, is as good as the last one.


I also work hand in hand with other suppliers. This includes photographers, copywriters and signmakers. That allows me to offer you the complete range of creative services you need.


I don't have a design 'house style' like some other design agencies in the UK or abroad. I can turn my hand to suit any design style, well, pretty much. One friend said I had “…an uncanny knack for producing work that always hits the mark”.


That pleases me. I must be doing something right.

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