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Adding vibrancy and purpose to a new mobile phone brand in the UK, was an absolute gift.

I was asked to help Holar with their naming strategy, branding and digital output. They were a new challenger brand in the mobile phone and communications sector. Their main competitors are of course the big brands that you would think of, so the new name and identity system had to visually reflect a brand that was unique and engaging.  But, without all the faff and fancy jargon. They needed to ‘shout out’ in the marketplace, and I helped them to do that through strategy and design development.

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 17.58.02.png

Brand components and architecture was important for Holar.

The objective was to bring customers closer to the brand without all the fancy jargon, smoke and mirrors. Clarity, honesty, simple pricing and accountability were paramount in this project.
Being charged with creating a new name and identity system for any brand is a challenge in itself. This project was no different. The owner of the business was a major franchise holder of one of the biggest brand names in the communication industry and wanted to challenge the norm.

The existing name of the brand was uninspiring and lacked depth, so the new name and subsequent brand identity system had to feel like it could compete on an even playing field with the BIG guys! After a naming strategy session and insights, a new name was chosen. This was a reflection of the type of customers they wanted to attract to their brand.

then created an identity system that was vibrant, flexible and ownable. The system was then applied to a raft of marketing collateral, including brochures, responsive web site, animations, social media and corporate stationery, as well as other methods of communication.

“After initially speaking with Tom and giving a short brief on what I needed in a new brand identity and website, what was delivered was nothing short of outstanding. I now have a bold, modern and agile brand identity system along with a data capture website that delivers everything I need. Tom's creativity and attention to detail shines through in everything that he does. I would highly recommend Tom of Atom to all of my clients, connections and friends”
Calum Patterson – Holar
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